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    Gulf Benthic Taxonomy, LLC is a privately owned consulting company specializing in the taxonomy and ecology of marine and estuarine benthic invertebrates.   Services include on-site environmental consulting, benthic sample collection and analysis, and quality control of taxonomic data collected by other organizations. GBTA and its associates have over 40 years of experience in investigating various marine habitats from the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Bahamas and Atlantic seaboard. These include bays and estuaries, salt marsh and mangrove swamps, submerged sea grass beds, coral reefs, and deep ocean sediment.

Demonstrating the Yabby Pump

Dr. Jerry A. McLelland

The sole proprietor of GBTA, Dr. McLelland is a former marine biologist at the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Laboratory where he acquired training in planktology (phytoplankton, zooplankton), invertebrate zoology and marine ecology. He is an authority on the phylum Chaetognatha and has also published taxonomic descriptions of polychaetes, cumaceans and tanaidaceans. His other areas of expertise are in taxonomy of aquatic insects, molluscs, tunicates, hydroids and bryozoans.  Click download below to view CV.

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Louisiana mudflat

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